Liveness Detection

Anti-spoofing technology for photo and moving images is a kind of long cherished desire for face recognition field. Korea Identification Inc provides the liveness solution by mobile or some other devices to solve forged image problem of a certain photos, videos or sculptures . We have obtained a patent for the technology to prevent forged image essentially by using trigonometrical function method. By using this solution, the matching system can recognize to see if the image in front of the camera or smart phone is real or not. This solution could be widely used in a variety of areas, including finance, security, and adult authentication. If you use this service, you can be free from the Liveness patent dispute using your smart phone .


Be able to cope with forged face picture or Video

Obtain Liveness Detection patent

Fast and accurate performance

  • using Camera-based patent
  • forged image and video detection function
  • Smartphone-based patent
  • Various platforms and OS support
  • Free from patents dispute as it's a patent registered product
  • Provides wide-range availability using smartphone cameras

Face Detection Tracking

There have been various requests in many places the ability to detect and track the faces in crowd from CCTV imges since long ago.
To meet customers needs , the KI-FACE software which is own developed face image matching solution can provide superior image quality in any circumstance of everyday motion such as complex crowd, diverse environment by using self-developed image correction technology. You can have valuable experience of getting clear image in high definition, vivid images as well as low quality and blurred images. Please experience a good opportunity to get accurate and fast service through KI-FACE which supports diverse platforms and environments including CCTV, NVR, Video and pictures.


Be able to detect unlimited face

Complicate and diverse image supporting

Fast and accurate performance

Link to various systems

  • Various image quality support
  • Detection and tracking of face in real time
  • Provides fast detection performance
  • using specialized image processing technology
  • Application of image correction technology unique to the Korea Identification Inc.
  • Support various input images such as CCTV, NVR, video, photo
  • Standard-based API support for integration with IT systems
  • Excellent face detection of crowd in a complicated environment in the video image.

Face Landmarks

There are many different features in a person's face, and they move and change constantly and vary in brightness as light changes.
The KI FACE provides sophisticated and rapid detection of eye, nose, mouth, and face contours through unique algorithms even in dim images caused by varying facial expressions and light changes.


Precise face feature extraction

Support both image and video

Unlimited Face detection

Recognize any accessory on face.

  • Create real-time landmark
  • Delicate performance even in light changes
  • Application of image correction technology unique to Korea Identification Inc.
  • Freedom from various facial expressions

Face Verification

Face recognition technology provides identification function by comparing a face image with a registered face picture.
Face recognition solution of Korea Identification Inc shows authentication result within milliseconds through various platforms such as PC, Server, Mobile, Face Reader and others. In addition to a solution that compares the registered photos to the user's face, and the solution analyzes the ID photo and compares it with various ID photo comparisons such as banks, securities, insurance and government offices. The company utilizes accumulated technology in this field to provide most powerful solution that compares photos of ID cards with a lowest error rate in the country. We also provide face recognition technology that does not require you to register your face separately.


Supports various platforms and OS

Fast and accurate performance

Korea's first KISA performance certification

  • Automated photography and recognition technology
  • Comparison of previous and new photos
  • Application of KISA-approved block cryptography algorithm
  • Identification as disposable biometric data
  • Comparison of original photos, scans, and photographs
  • Standard-based API support for integration with IT systems
  • Application of non-identical data processing technology(compliance with ISO/IEC 24745 standards)

Face Authentication

This service is a face recognition - based user authentication solution using mobile devices such as smartphones. This service enables real - time authentication of live faces as well as user authentication through user registration. Mobile ID card authentication service is a authentication service that requires no prior registration as it compares high accuracy and low error rate to the user's face recognized on the mobile phone. Korean-style certification service can provide one-dimensional performance higher than its competitors by using technologies accumulated through photo recognition and analysis of various identification cards that have been provided to banks, securities companies and others. In addition, the company's patent for 'Liveness detection' has an anti-spoofing function, which is necessary for verifying forgery on smartphones, enabling mobile authentication services to be freely implemented in patent disputes.


Photograph and video forgery response solution secured

Wide availability using smartphone camera module

Fast and accurate performance

First KISA Performance Certification in Korea

  • Automated photography and recognition technology
  • Application of the anti-attack technique
  • Application of floating/removal detection technology
  • Application of the technology to prevent screen capture
  • Check template integrity
  • Identification as disposable biometric data
  • Application of KISA-approved block cryptography algorithm
  • Application of biometric data segmentation and binding technology
  • (compliance with the standard of the KFTCI(Financial settlement Agency)
  • Key Store / Key Chain management of biometric
  • Application of non-identical data processing technology(compliance with ISO/IEC 24745 standards)
  • Standard-based API support for Android/iOS use

Face Searching

It provides the ability to receive new face images and return the most similar faces from surveillance images and large face databases. For fast and accurate retrieval, super-unit searches are supported in large databases, and similarities can be displayed numerically or sorted by similarity rank. The solution supports CCTVs, NVRs, Mobile devices, and database links for suspect detection, identification, and automatic video surveillance, and can meet customer requirements in any environment where real-time identification is required.


Fast processing speed

Support for a variety of images and environments

Accurate performance

  • Display of similarity numerically
  • Face detection and recognition technique
  • mass storage face database support
  • Identification through monitoring and linkage
  • Support in conjunction with various devices
  • Sort by similarity ranking
  • Various platforms and OS support
  • Standard-based API support for integration with IT systems
  • improved recognition performance by applying custom modeling to the customer's environment
  • Application of KISA-certified block cipher algorithm
  • using image processing technology unique to the Korean-style industry
  • Capture the optimum face vent in the real-time image
  • Converts captured face events into metadata form
  • Store face events converted to meta data format in DB
  • Real-time face events are displayed in the form of event cards

Face Reader

Korea Identification Inc has been recognized for its outstanding technology in face recognition access control field as it first applied multi-gate apartment joint lobby phones in Korea in 2008 using IR technology with national patent. Even now ten years later after launched face recognition door phone, many face recognition products at Local and abroad have followed Our company owned technology with IR, and It has become an essential environment to recognize real face for iPhone, MS Hello and Samsung Galaxy. The company's product has proven that it provides the solution with high reliability and stability that cannot be compared with other companies based on innovative technologies and experiences 10 years ahead of others.


Anti-spoofing face photo and video

Accurate performance

IR-based Liveness detection patent

  • Color Touch Screen
  • Compatible with Access control ACU
  • Automated photography and recognition technology
  • Various platforms and OS support
  • Application of the anti-spoofing attack prevention technique
  • Provides VOIP-based intercom functionality
  • Single-type and server-based access management
  • Application of KISA-approved block cryptography algorithm
  • provides Face, fingerprints, and RFID composite authentication and selective authentication
  • Support for infrared and color cameras simultaneously
  • Embedded Reader Delivers Outstanding Performance and Reliability
  • Providing IR LEDs provides the best recognition performance even in the dark area or light variance

Deep Learning Algorithm

The face recognition system by Deep Learning is using Deep Neural Network (DNN) that automatically extracts characteristics in the data without human help through sufficient human face picture data. Based on a pattern recognition technique called DNN, the algorithm modeled on the brain neural network of humans or animals has recently gained attention by multi dimensional method the Neural Network (NN). The Korea Identification Inc has developed a model by training with DNN and is committed to developing enhanced face recognition engines and improving performance using Deep Learning consistently.



Model generation

Facial Feature extraction

  • Learning training using deep learning
  • Extracting face feature points using the generated model
  • Model creation using image learning
  • Development of face recognition engine and performance improvement


Artificial intelligence has been studied for a long time, but in recent years, there has been a great increase in interest in technology in this field, and the technology involved has also shown tremendous improvement. Accordingly, face recognition technology based on advanced technology of artificial intelligence is also expanding its activities. AI-based face recognition system is used to detect and analyze facial features on its own, and it is also used for crime investigation and missing child search since it enables searching of both designated individuals and one who appear in specific locations. In addition, data analysis is possible through the behavior patterns of shoppers and is used to improve marketing or service. AI-based Face recognition technology is becoming replaces fingerprint and iris recognition in biometrics. We are going to study by our technical man power and strives to expand service use in everyday life such as replacing identity cards and controlling access.


Face characterization analysis

Link to various systems

infinite potential

  • AI-based face feature detection and analysis
  • Self-evolving performance